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Catalogue converter testing page

Note: This feature will not work on mobile devices.


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This feature is still in BETA, if it does not work as intended please let us know.

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What is this?

Our Catalogue Converter is designed to allow you to purchase products that would otherwise be unavailable. You can find a design you like in the catalogue, and using this feature you can convert it onto any other product accross our range.

For Example: If you want to buy the 'Game Over' design from the catalogue, but you want it on a red T-shirt instead, you can input any catalogue item with the 'Game over' design, and set the new product type to a red T-shirt.


  1. Find a product with a design you want in the catalogue.
  2. Copy the URL from the original product.
  3. Paste it into the input URL box on this page
  4. Hit the 'Check' button to make sure we have the right design, this is the design we will print.
  5. If we do, chooose the new product type. This is the product your order will be printed on to.
  6. Choose a size. Note: If the wrong sizes are shown, click the new product type box again as it may not have registered a change.
  7. Add the new item to your cart, this will take you to your cart page where you can check that the details are correct.