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Print methods and information:

PrintPit uses many different forms of printing. Most clothing is printed via a Direct to Garment method which simply places your design directly to cotton products, however DTG printing has it's limitations. Occasionally at our discretion we may switch to a Print&Cut vinyl method when the artwork supplied would be better served that way. Some of our catalogue items are printed via discharge ink screen printing as well as some bulk orders when the artwork is appropriate. Non-cotton products (e.g. mugs, phone cases) are typically printed via sublimation. We can not print white art onto white garments, natural tote bags or any sublimation product, we recommend white is removed from your artwork before uploading to our customiser for these products as it will not be included in the final print. Please contact us via the information on your dashboard if you want to check any information as it is too late after the order is confirmed. 

Missing features: 

This version of PrintPit was officially launched on 23rd Sept 2017 so some features are still in testing. Whilst we are confident in their use, our API (for example) does generate invoices and handle sensitive information so we have opted to give it a more rigorous test before launch. We will soon release the import order feature which parses a CSV from a marketplace and automatically generates orders based on the contained information, however as you will need to use a third party to generate these CSVs we are first working with the creators/owners so we can be safe against any future updates that would leave the product working incorrectly. Other features coming soon are product exports for easier marketplace listing and automatic product generation based on what you submit to the customiser. Simply, version 3 is an ongoing development and what we hope will become the ultimate custom product dropshipping website, we intend this to be our final iteration of the PrintPit product and as such will be constantly developing the platform for the foreseeable future.


PrintPit promises to dispatch your order within 48 hours of order confirmation. We cut off orders at 8pm each night and aim to dispatch all the following day, however in high traffic times this is extended to the day after. For example: An order placed at 6PM Monday will aim to dispatch by Tuesday afternoon, but in high traffic times this may be Wednesday afternoon. Our dispatch times to not include Saturday and Sunday. Our closest competitor aims for 3-5 business days for dispatch, we are able to remain ahead due to unique contracts with suppliers, exclusive to printpit.co.uk. Transit times vary by location, please see the shipping costs & times section of the learning centre for more information.


The majority of our mockups are digital representations of the item. Whilst you may use these for your product images elsewhere we recommend using actual physical photographs of the product for the best results. Due to the size differences amongst products it is impossible for us to get the location and size of prints exactly where they are placed on the mockup, we simply use this as a guide and will get it as close as possible. You can specify sizing and location inside order notes and our production team will follow the extra instructions wherever possible. Please also note that some colour difference may occur between your screen and the finished product due to different colour settings across monitors and conversion into CMYK art formats. Many patterned (e.g. camoflague, tie dye) garments will typically have a unique pattern that slightly varies from item to item and may not match the mockup exactly.

Non-Printable vs Premade: 

Non-printable items are products that we buy in already made, typically this is done when we want to achieve a print that we can't do one by one or when we want to sell licensed merchandise. This differs to the premade catalogue as that is populated by items we still create as normal, however the designs are professionally done and given to you to get a head start with your store's products.

Bleed lines and printable areas:

The largest possible print we can achieve on any non paper product is 14 inches wide by 16 inches tall. Please bare this in mind when designing larger garments such as 5XL T-Shirts. We also recommend that any product which is printed to the edge includes a small bleed (1mm or so) to prevent any missing edges.