September Catch Up

As many of you have noticed, we've been extremely busy in August updating PrintPit. Not only has the site been re-designed to be easier on the eye and a bit more modern, but we've started trials for many requested features. 

The features currently being trialed at this time are:

  1. A converter for our best selling items so that you can get them on products other than their base product.
  2. A new, easier to use menu for all our custom products. 
  3. Design templates so you can better use our printable area on all products. 
  4. Pre-pay bonus system - At the moment, £100 pre-pay is worth £110 credit.
  5. Front and back printing support for selected products

Please note: Most of the above features are not accessible at the time of writing and some details may change by the time of public release. 

One other update you might've missed - Tracking is now available on overseas items! We ultimately had to settle for different rates to get the cheapest possible prices, so right now European items can go tracked for just £6, and that rises to £6.50 anywhere else in the world. Still, £6 was always the aim, so we feel it's a job well done! 

We are also now back on our usual support number at 0130 2820 014.

As usual, please voice any concerns to your account manager, or if you don't have one please feel free to contact support either by using the blue box in the bottom right or by emailing [email protected]


-The PrintPit Team