Sun, Jul 10 2016

Today, we've made all four of the "coming soon" products available, head over to our custom products section to find them. These include the following:

  • Custom A2 posters
  • Custom Red Baseball Tees
  • Custom Black Baseball Tees
  • Custom Black Varsity Jackets

The varsity jacket is particularly interesting as it's our first product available with double sided printing. We will be using this to identify issues with the product designer with a view to include double sided printing on more products in the future, including T-shirts. Although (with the help of some merchants) we think we've ironed out all issues with double sided designing, please do let your account manager know asap if you find any.

If you don't think you have an account manager, please email [email protected] so that we can assign someone to your store. On that topic, we'd also like to remind merchants that some emails from support (including order and shipping confirmations) are noreply, at the bottom of any noreply message will be a note that says not to reply to that email, but to start a fresh one. This is because all noreply emails are filtered out our inboxes, so we won't get to see them.

One major announcement is that progress is now being made with our overseas contracts, meaning we will soon be adding tracking options to international orders. We know a lot of you have wanted this option for a while, however even on our contract rates the charge would've had to be at least £11. We're now close to half that price with Royal Mail. We're allowing other companies to submit their offers based on these new prices, which should only take a matter of days. Once we've had a chance to consider them, we will add the overseas tracking option. For now though, it looks like overseas postage will remain at £3, with the option to add tracking for a further £3.

We do have many more products in development, however please let your account manager know if there are any particular products you'd like to be able to customise here at PrintPit. All four products released this weekend were the result of merchants requesting them from their account manager. We're always open to your suggestions, and often we find that products you suggest are already in development, so we re-order the queue and get those ones available quicker.

One final note, we're still unfortunately having to use the temporary phone number which is 01302 787350.

Best of luck with all your stores!
Many thanks,
The PrintPit Team