Mon, Jan 02 2017

We hope all our merchants had a fantastic holiday and a very happy new year!

First things first, we'd like to thank all of you for reading through our end of year update and more importantly your understanding attitude towards the problems we faced towards the back end of 2016. 

Looking ahead to 2017 we have very specific goals in mind;

  • Expand our product range further
  • Release our automated order fulfillment app
  • Bring more and more of you into full time self employment
  • Hold on to our low prices as much as possible
  • Increase capacity and re-open registration
  • On that vein, we intend to control our growth levels very closely
  • Provide more jobs in our local community
  • We're hoping to provide a discount system for multi-item orders soon
  • Most importantly - Remain the fastest custom product dropshipper in the world all year round.

We've learned many great lessons in 2016, and we're confident 2017 will bring all of the good parts of last year just a little bit smoother. Even now we have surpassed all expectations we ever had and because of that we learn more and more about PrintPit everyday, 2016 changed it from the small project it once was, into a recognizable authority in our field worldwide. We'd like to thank you all once again for allowing us the time to find our feet amongst all that. 

In regards to price changes, at the minute it's looking very likely that sweatshirts and hoodies may rise this month. We are looking into alternatives but we don't want to compromise print quality or stock levels so the price change is more likely. 

We're also unfortunately ending our bonus balance cards shortly. This is due to an unsuccessful trial. We are disappointed with the outcome so we hope we can put something else in place with similar effect soon, but the cards were far too unsecure and left us open to some big exploits that we'd rather not take the risk on.

As for orders placed over the Christmas/New year period; most of those will be completed and set for dispatch today, however as we don't have a collection until tomorrow, they will all leave at either 10:30am or 4:00pm on Tuesday 3rd. 

Emails are a similar story, our account managers and support staff are in today and will be replying to as many as possible, however there is a weeks worth so some may not receive replies until tomorrow. 

With that, we'd like to welcome you all back to PrintPit; and here's to a great 2017! 

-The PrintPit Team