Tue, Aug 01 2017

With less than a month to the planned release of PrintPit v3 we have some updates for our merchants.


What's being removed?

Unfortunately due to a product discontinuation from Anvil from the August 3rd we will not be able to supply the Anvil Children's/Kids T-Shirt. This will be totally replaced by our B&C Kids T-Shirt. We will continue to fulfil orders with the stock that we have however due to our direct sourcing from manufacturers after this date we will not be able to replenish our stock meaning we cannot provide them going forward. 

We will update all catalogue products on August 3rd to have kids variants in B&C only and any custom products made before this date will be updated in due course to being out of stock. Unfortunately we cannot port them over to our B&C Kids T-Shirts so any designs will have to be made again and re-saved to your account. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause however this has been a shock decision supplied to us in the last 24 hours directly from Anvil.


What's being added?

On August 3rd we will be changing the catalogue as mentioned above to reflect these changes. The catalogue will also receive an update enabling items to be purchased in our full range of basic sizes (S-5XL), with the small additional cost for 3/4/5XL items. 

We are also adding Magic Mugs to our dropshipping inventory which are colour changing mugs which fade from black to white when a hot beverage is poured inside. We recommend ordering a sample of these as are slightly different to the glossy colour changing mugs you may have seen before, however recommend light colour based designs as darker colours can sometimes be seen through the coating. We don't have any new mockups at the time of writing this, however our team is working on it, and a photoshop template for the mug will be available from our learning centre.


Update in regards to PrintPit v3

At present we are still within all our targets for v3 and still looking to launch on August 31st with our brand new site and features. As of our previous update we will be adding a whole variety of new products and variants which we're sure will accommodate to many requests we have been receiving. If you haven't read about v3 yet, please read the article here.


As ever thank you for your custom, and good luck selling your custom products online.

-The PrintPit Team