Thu, Jan 07 2016

We're pleased to announce mousepads have been added to our customisable stock due to a request from one of our merchants. May i just take this opportunity to remind you all that any concerns you have (including expansion of base products) can be discussed with your account manager. We're here to help you grow your business, by whatever means we can. Whilst we're always trying to expand our product range, if you feel like there's something missing please don't be too shy to give us a shout. 


On another note, we know some of you experienced some quality issues with mockups from the designer. We do recommend that for your mockups you use images that are 1400 px wide or 1600 px tall (whichever comes first), but even then you may still see a grainy image on the mockups, this is down to us taking a very large images from you and scaling them down to fit on the mockups. Please let me assure you that the images we receive for print are the size you originally uploaded and not the smaller images you see on the mockups, so no quality should be lost as long as you upload a large enough image. That being said, we did find some issues in our scaling script which have now been rectified, meaning your mockups should passively be better quality from now. 


We've also changed how products are displayed on our homepage, instead of a long list you'll now just see the 4 most recent additions to our customisable stock and the current 4 best selling base items. To find the rest, you can either click the create your own button on the homepage, or use the 'custom products' link in the top right navigation. You'll notice that takes you to a re-designed custom products page which has now been categorised properly to help speed your creation process up. 


Many thanks & as always good luck with your stores! 


-The PrintPit Team.