August 1st Update - PrintPit v3 Updates and Product Additions/Removals - Click here to read the announcement.


August 01, 2017

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August 1st Update - Discontinued Products and Additions

With less than a month to the planned release of PrintPit v3 we have some updates for our merchants.


What's being removed?

Unfortunately due to a product discontinuation from Anvil from the August 3rd we will not be able to supply the Anvil Children's/Kids T-Shirt. This will be totally replaced by our B&C Kids T-Shirt. We will continue to fulfil orders with the stock that we have however due to our direct sourcing from manufacturers after this date we will not be able to replenish our stock meaning we cannot provide them going forward. 

We will update all catalogue products on August 3rd to have kids variants in B&C only and any custom products made before this date will be updated in due course to being out of stock. Unfortunately we cannot port them over to our B&C Kids T-Shirts so any designs will have to be made again and re-saved to your account. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause however this has been a shock decision supplied to us in the last 24 hours directly from Anvil.


What's being added?

On August 3rd we will be changing the catalogue as mentioned above to reflect these changes. The catalogue will also receive an update enabling items to be purchased in our full range of basic sizes (S-5XL), with the small additional cost for 3/4/5XL items. 

We are also adding Magic Mugs to our dropshipping inventory which are colour changing mugs which fade from black to white when a hot beverage is poured inside. We recommend ordering a sample of these as are slightly different to the glossy colour changing mugs you may have seen before, however recommend light colour based designs as darker colours can sometimes be seen through the coating. We don't have any new mockups at the time of writing this, however our team is working on it, and a photoshop template for the mug will be available from our learning centre.


Update in regards to PrintPit v3

At present we are still within all our targets for v3 and still looking to launch on August 31st with our brand new site and features. As of our previous update we will be adding a whole variety of new products and variants which we're sure will accommodate to many requests we have been receiving. If you haven't read about v3 yet, please read the article here.


As ever thank you for your custom, and good luck selling your custom products online.

-The PrintPit Team

June 23, 2017

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PrintPit v3 is coming soon!

We've got an exciting announcement - PrintPit v3 is now officially in development!

Why now?

Some of you may remember 2 years ago when we launched version 2 of PrintPit, we said we did it because we wanted to make life easier for all of our merchants, and to cut down on issues you were facing. Our ethos has always remained the same, so we feel it's time to make life easier and cut down on issues again!

In the last 2 years, the top ten most common issues we've found are: 

  • Not enough product choice
  • Three major occurrences of slower deliveries
  • A flimsy order tracking system
  • Finding time to submit orders
  • Finding time to get new products
  • Unclear order statuses
  • Finding saved products
  • Outside parties using your hard work
  • Getting urgent support
  • Too few customization options

     What is v3 all about?

    We want to solve those issues for you, PrintPit version 3 is bringing the solutions. Lets get back to that list and discuss how we're moving forward.

    Not enough product choice -
    PrintPit version 3 brings in a whole new type of inventory for us. We've negotiated exclusive deals with Europe's top "blank" brands and suppliers giving us a whole new potential inventory with thousands of different products, brands, colours etc.

    PrintPit v1 allowed merchants to customize the front of black and white men's shirts, PrintPit v2 allows you to customise the front and back of black and white and the front of 7 different colours of men's shirts. PrintPit v3 is bringing front and back customisation on over 40 colours and several brands of just men's shirts alone.
    We're not just adding more options for existing products, we're also adding totally new products from tie-dye base shirts right upto printed slate sheets. Our new product range is the biggest of any custom product vendor (dropshippers and wholesalers alike) in the world, and we can't wait to share it with you.

    Three major occurrences of slower deliveries - 

    We had our first major delivery issue late last year in the lead up and throughout Christmas, our second at the end of the first quarter of this year and our third just recently. We've already negotiated better sorting and block options with our carriers to get back on track, and we don't see another major incident on the way, but that doesn't stop us wanting to get in front of it just in case.

    PrintPit version 3 solves this issue in two ways. Starting right from launch, the new order cutoff is 8pm for production within 18 hours (our closest competitor takes 5 days). This makes us not only the fastest anywhere, but really puts us in a league of our own. 

    We're also designing v3 around our carriers own API, giving us pre-booked and pre-sorted shipping, meaning your orders will absolutely fly through the delivery network.

    A flimsy order tracking system - 

    Whilst we're on the topic of pre-booked, pre-sorted shipping via our carriers API, we're also converting our tracking system to allow you to get the info right from your PrintPit dashboard. These orders will have faster tracking updates and easier to access information, plus the information coming directly via the API makes it near impossible to fail. 

    Finding time to submit orders - 

    When we launched v2 two years ago, our biggest merchant sold less than 15 units a day. Back then, we didn't see the need for an automated order system, but you've proven us wrong. 

    PrintPit v3 comes with fully integrated solutions for many different store platforms, CSV order inputting for custom solutions, order importing for every major marketplace on the web plus we will finally release our long-awaited API so the tech savvy among you can create your own import methods. 

    Finding time to get new products - 

    A few months ago we trialed a program where our catalogue was populated by professional designers rather than by our merchants. Already, a product created by them is our best selling item of all time, so it's safe to say we'll be doing more of that. 

    Not only are we continuing the program in v3, we're also bringing in some of them in-house full time. This means the less creative of you will have brand new professionally designed products constantly made available for your stock.

    Unclear order statuses - 

    Right now, we know some of you struggling with what our order statuses mean. We don't really get much choice in the information we can send across, and we know that your order history doesn't help much either. 

    PrintPit v3 brings new order statuses such as "in production" right to your dashboard so you can see exactly what's going on with your orders at a glance. 

    Finding saved products - 

    We recently launched the MyProducts feature which allows you to save your created products. Feedback on this has been such that we are now moving it over to an automatic feature. 

    From the launch of v3, any products you create will be saved to your account automatically, ready for you to access right from your dashboard. 

    Outside parties using your hard work - 

    PrintPit has always worked on a simple naming system for our products, we gave them URL slugs like "the-product-name-01" to help you find them if you misplaced them at the start of v2. With the MyProducts feature becoming automatic, this is no longer an issue. 

    v3 will now use randomly generated encoded URL slugs to prevent any outside parties getting to your hard work. 

    Getting urgent support - 

    At PrintPit, everyone chips in where they can. It's not uncommon to see our managing director pop downstairs to run a machine for cover, but we have to face facts that we now have too many merchants for our tiny team of support staff and account managers. 

    PrintPit v3 will bring in not just new account managers and support staff, but also the ability to see who you're dealing with and contact them directly from your dashboard. We're altering our phone system to make it easier to get urgent help, and our ticket system for times where it can wait a few hours. 

    Too few customization options - 

    Not only are we bringing front and back prints across most of our range, but we're developing an entirely new customizer from the ground up so you can go even further. 

    v3 will allow totally new options such as full wrap mug customization, but it will also generate a range of products based on your design, not only to save you time on creating new products, but also because we know the best ideas sometimes come by accident. 


    On top of all that, PrintPit v3 is also designed to be simpler, faster and bigger than ever before. We want you to know we've set the bar high for a reason, via a final thank you to all our merchants before we begin. You've taken us from humble beginnings in the back room of a pub, to the industry leader we are proud to be today. Please come back to this page for status updates and feel free to send any feature requests for v3 our way by emailing [email protected] or using our contact form.

    Thank you and good luck!

    -The PrintPit Team


    Current status: In development

    Expected launch: August 31st 2017

    Issues: No issues to report

    June 06, 2017

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    Size split for Children's T-shirts and multi purchase discounts.

    Due to a successful trial we will be adding the B150B children's T-shirt into stock. This is the children's version of our regular men's top and after extensive trials we can confirm that you can expect the same great quality from these as with the Anvil ones currently in stock. 

    As this T-shirt comes in age sizes rather than letter sizes, this gives you the opportunity to give your customers a more in depth choice. 

    When considering this the feedback we got was split right down the middle, some merchants liked the idea of it, some merchants didn't want to stray away from their tried and trusted Anvil stock. For this reason, we've decided to go for the best of both and leave the choice up to you. After maintenance tonight (6th june 2017), when you create a Children's T-shirt you will now be able to choose between Anvil and B&C, and then between their respective sizes. 

    We've also been working with around 30 merchants to test the validity of multi-buy discounts and are pleased to report that this is something we will be going ahead with. We're hoping this doesn't need to involve any special action on your part and that you'll just be able to add items into your cart and see the discounts flow. Please note: This is in development and is not part of the site maintenance tonight. Updates for this feature will follow shortly. 

    If you have any queries please don't hesitate to let your account manager or support know. If you don't have an account manager and feel like you should, please email support and we'll get to the bottom of it. 

    Good luck!

    -The PrintPit Team

    April 26, 2017

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    Inventory migration and missing product images - 26th April 2017

    This week we've been migrating all of our products over to better inventory management. As PrintPit currently holds over 100,000 SKUs, this is no small task. Throughout the course of this week, you may notice several issues, some will be fixed in a matter of minutes, others may be permanent, but we'll go into more detail below as well as how it will affect you. 


    When we started PrintPit as a small independent T-shirt printing shop, we we're able to get by with the most basic of inventory management. Simply, know what comes in and what is due out. Since then we've become the UKs leading custom product dropshipper, and we felt it was time our inventory management was updated to reflect that. At present, if you've noticed an order take an extra day to be dispatched, this was almost certainly due to us using up our stock allocation for the day, and having to wait until the following day to catch up. On one hand, 48 hour max turnaround is still the best in the business, but that won't stop us striving to be better. Our new inventory management will allow us to see patterns in the market, for example, we will be able to see if the ratio of red shirts sold doubles on a Friday than any other day (tip: They do!). This means we can be prepared, and will drastically cut down on the amount of orders that have to wait a day, and that means faster shipping, and happier customers for all of you.

    So what's the problem? 

    Unfortunately, to achieve this we need to refresh every single record we currently hold, and this means refreshing every product created on PrintPit before Monday 24th April. As we take extra steps to hide your products from google searches and the like, that means we cannot access cached versions of preview images, which means some products are likely to lose them all together. When testing this in our catalogue, we found that between just 3 and 4% of products are likely to be affected. There are a couple of important notes here, first, this is permanent. Once a custom product loses it's preview image, we will not be able to get it back automatically at all. However, we do still hang on to your design, so ordering the product without the preview image will make no difference to the print team. We can still get your design, we can still print as usual, so if you have made use of the "save my product" feature, or given names to your bookmarks, please feel free to ignore the lack of preview image and order it as normal. Just please ensure you know what it is 100%, as we will not accept responsibility for the risk.

    Can we fix it?

    The short answer; we don't know. Long answer; There is a chance that our print software has given your design a name that will help us match it up to a live product. This is a very slim chance if you have not ordered that item before, as the only chance there would be is if we used your design as a test print after machine maintenance. If you have ordered the product before, and it hasn't clashed with a similar product in our database, we should be able to match it up in a matter of minutes. Either way, it doesn't hurt to ask, so if you are missing any preview images and would like us to see if we can resolve them, just email your account manager with the product URLs and we'll do our best.

    In summary

    We expected this to cause some issues, somewhere down the line. Given that this was the only issue flagged in our (very rigorous) tests, we've decided to press on and update the products anyway. By next week, we will be tracking patterns properly and shortening over 90% of our longest production times down to half. We feel positive about this change, and hope you will too. We are aware of catalogue products missing images, this will be resolved by Friday midnight. And again, this issue will affect less than 4% of products (for most of you, it will not affect you at all) but please email your account manager with any product URL as we may be able to recover the preview image.

    Thank you all for your continued support, and good luck!

    -PrintPit Support

    April 12, 2017

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    Easter 2017 Postage and Opening Times

    We have received an update from Royal Mail in regards to delivery times over the Easter bank holidays in the UK.

    As you may already be aware, there will be no collections from us on Friday 14th April (Good Friday), and no collection from us on Monday 17th April (Easter Monday). Because of this please be advised that any orders placed on Friday will be collected from us on Saturday, and orders placed over the weekend will be collected from us on Tuesday. Please allow an extra 2 days due to these bank holidays for delivery time on both UK and International shipments.

    Our print team will remain active over the bank holiday weekend, however our support team may not be contactable via phone between Friday 14th and Monday 17th. Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday 18th April. Contact via email will still be monitored and replied to as normal.

     We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact us if you have any queries.

    -The PrintPit Team


    March 24, 2017

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    My products - Product saving feature now live

    We've today added a new feature that allows you to name and store your products internally and access them again via My Product wherever you are signed in to Printpit. This feature is intended to not only help you run your shop on the go, but also to make your workspace at home a little more user friendly. 


    In our first tests, users asked us to add a search feature to the My Products page. We have now added this feature and it is included with the live test release. 


    Please feel free to use the My Products feature during our live tests, and report any issues you find to either your account manager or to [email protected]



    -The PrintPit Team

    January 16, 2017

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    Quick update re: sweatshirts 16/01/2017

    We have now added black sweatshirts back into stock, red should follow soon. 

    As previously mentioned there has been a price increase of £2 for all sweatshirts, but we are able to leave hoodies alone for the time being. 


    -The PrintPit Team

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