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Step-By-Step: The basics of PrintPit

This guide is a step-by-step introduction on how to use PrintPit. It should take you right from uploading your first designs to completing your first order. 

  So, Let's start on the PrintPit homepage. You'll notice there's 3 boxes under the main banner. One says 'Create your own', this link will allow you to create your own products, the next says 'Our bestsellers', this link will show you our catalogue of pre-made products with a proven track history of sales, the last is our learning centre, which is a great place to find useful information.  
  We're going to show you how to upload your designs onto our blank products and get them ready for sale. To get started, click the first button titled 'Create your own' 
  From here you'll see our 4 current best selling items. To see everything else just use the tabs above the products to find what you need, for example if you're looking for women's black T-shirts, click the 'Women's T-shirts tab and you'll see the products change. Please note that on some browsers this step will warn you that PrintPit is trying to re-direct you, please allow it as this is part of loading our blank products. 
  When you've clicked the product you need, you'll be taken to a page similar to this one. This is our blank product, so to get started adding your design, click the purple 'Customise it' button. 
  The product will then load up into our product designer. Using the buttons at the left you can add images and text to our products, you can also use this area to rotate, stack, delete and edit layers, as well as preview your new product. Click the 'Add image' button to start uploading your design. 
  The first thing you'll see are our cliparts, we've put these here to help out with designs. We try to keep this updated when we can so yours could look a little different to mine. When you're ready to upload your image, click the 'Upload your photo or art' button at the top. 
  You'll then find yourself on this page, click the 'UPLOAD A NEW IMAGE' button, select your design and hit upload/open. After it's done uploading you'll see your design here like the image. Simply click it to add it to the product. 
  You've now placed the design on the product, you can continue to add more layers of images and text or if there's just the one, move on to the next step. 
  You can drag your design to move it around inside the boundary box, or use the two red arrows to make your design bigger and smaller. Our designer automatically calculates the end quality of your uploads, so you may get a message warning you of bad print quality. Sometimes you know better than the machine though, so providing your designs are 200DPI or above you can more or less ignore these warnings. 
  Once you've placed and scaled your design how you want it, hit the 'Continue purchase' button in the top right, then click yes to create your product. 
  This screen will show you the progress of your design as it is automatically generated by our designer and stored into our servers, please note however that we can't access your designs until you've ordered it at least once. 
  Once your product is done saving you'll be taken to this screen, we recommend bookmarking this page so that you can come back to the product you've created as it makes the order process a lot quicker. Once you're ready to order it, just choose the right size and hit 'Add to cart' 
  You'll be taken to your cart to confirm we've got it right, if your customer has ordered more than one item it's worth adding it on before hitting checkout, otherwise just hit checkout now. 
  If you're using an account, hit the log in button. If not, just put your email address in and move on to the next step. 
  Here you'll want to input your customers details, as this tells us where to send the item. Once you're done, hit continue to shipping method. 
  All UK orders have free shipping, so just make sure the right option is selected and click continue to payment method. If your item is going overseas, you'll see the relevant shipping option instead. 
  Next you'll see the payment info, you can either pay by card or by paypal. Make sure you tick the 'use a different billing address' button so you can put your details in instead.
  Once you've filled in the billing info, you can just click complete order. 
  You'll then be taken to a page which will confirm your order has been accepted. Use this opportunity to double check the shipping and billing address, if you spot an error hit the contact us button or to put in more orders click the Continue shopping button instead. 

PrintPit Team
PrintPit Team


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