Tue, Dec 15 2015

We trialled this initiative with some of our merchants, and I must say it worked a treat. It's a very simple take on a very old concept:

Customer receives item > Leaflet enclosed > Promotional discount > Repeat business

However, in our case, the goal isn't just repeat business, it's customer loyalty. We're using these leaflets to get people to visit our webstores from other marketplaces. So, if you get an order on a marketplace (eBay, amazon etc.) you'd instead do the following: 

Customer receives item > Leaflet enclosed > Webstore only discount > Real customers know where you are

How does it work? 

Whilst we can't provide the promotional materials yet, we are more than happy to include them in with your items at no extra charge. If this sounds like something you want to participate in please contact your account manager who will advise you to complete the following steps: 

  1. Let your account manager check your artwork for suitability
  2. Have your promotional materials made 
  3. Either have them shipped to us direct, or ship them to us yourself
  4. We'll let you know when they get here and give you an identifier (usually your store name)
  5. Add a note with your orders that says identifier:material type (for example, PrintPit:Leaflet)


Please do not attempt to use this service without first contacting your account manager, we can not accept any materials without first being approved by your account manager and any such items will be returned to sender.