Mon, Sep 07 2015

We want you to have an easy time using PrintPit, this part of the learning centre will guide you through the most important parts, including making your own products and getting in touch with us if you have an issue. 


Making your own products

Our designer recently went through an entire overhaul to make it much easier to use. If you haven't yet used the new version there's been some big changes since v1, these will all be outlined below. 

To find the designer from the homepage just look under the banner for the 'create your own product' box. 

Once you've clicked that box you will see a list of all our customisable products. Simply click the one you want to customise and then on the product page click the 'customise it' button. This will take you to our designer where you can add images and text to your products. You can also now choose from our large range of pre-made images if you want to add a little something to your designs. We recommend removing the background from your images unless you want them to be printed too as your item will look exactly as it looks on the preview. We recommend the Background burner from Bonanza for this. Once you're happy with your design, press the continue purchase button and then click yes in the box that asks you if you want to save. This sends the design over to us and stores it on our servers. The next page should show you your product and have an add to cart button, you can bookmark this page if you think you'll need to order this design again to save you going back through the design process. 

Finding ready made products to sell

 The best tool any online store can have is the ability to see what else is selling. We take the strain out of that by supplying our merchants with a back catalogue of tried and tested designs. The only way an item can make it into our catalogue is if over 50 of them have already been sold. To find the catalogue either click the Catalogue link at the top of each page, or look for the 'our bestsellers catalogue' box under the header on the homepage. 

The catalogue is populated in two ways, the first way is via our own research channels. Put simply, if we think we see a trend coming we ask some of our merchants if they would like to test a design, for those that agree we assign a member of the in-house design team to create a winning product to tap into that niche. We set a minimum RRP of £15 on these products to ensure that if you were to sell them you could make a nice profit, anyone who tries to sell a testing design cheaper before it is released onto our catalogue is banned from all future tests. We then monitor the incoming orders for that design, if more than 50 are sold, it is added to our catalogue. If less than 50 are sold we simply move on to the next one. 

The second way is via your designs. We monitor every incoming design, and if one hits 50 sales but wasn't designed by us we add it to our catalogue and let the original designer know. We offer a commission incentive to the designer which is often an easy way to big money. Some of our merchants are multi-million pound businesses, putting your great design in the hands of their expert sales techniques means that your commission will sky rocket and is usually will earn you a lot more money than if you chose to hold the design back. We understand that sometimes you don't want to make your work public, if this is the case simply let your account manager know and they will make sure it gets removed asap. 


Contacting us

Contacting us is easy, if you have an account manager they will have emailed you within 24 hours of your first sale. If you don't, there is a contact us link at the bottom of each page in the footer. 

The contact us page send emails straight through to our support team. 

You can alternative contact us within business hours either by phone (+44)1302 820014 or by using the live chat button in the bottom right of the page. 


If you feel like there should be something else added to this page, feel free to let us know in the comments below