Why choose PrintPit?

PrintPit is the UKs favourite custom product dropshipper, and it's easy to see why. When choosing a dropshipping supplier, your options are quite limited. You can go overseas for cheap prices, but you'll often find yourself buying low quality products with 6 weeks+ delivery times. You can use suppliers from the UK for quick delivery, but you'll be paying over the odds and more often than not you'll have to pay a subscription fee to use their services. With us, things work differently:

Quality - We spent 6 months prior to launch finding the best combination of inks and garments for super high quality products and we are always on the lookout for better options. All our garments are 100% ringspun pre-shrunk cotton. We have 3 seperate quality checks at different stages before dispatch, the first checks the quality of the blank product, the second checks the quality of the finished product, the third checks the quality of the packed item to ensure no accidents in transit.

Price - We price-matched the cheapest companies from countries like Romania and China so that you can be safe in the knowledge you're getting the best price possible. 

Delivery - Within the UK we offer free Royal Mail 1st class, and we post worldwide via Royal Mail or Parcelforce global express for just £3!

Margins – Typically, due to low start up costs and the fact it’s so easy to get started, merchants running through dropshipping are often stuck in very highly contested territory. This means that margins are often quite low (sometimes less than 5% profit) but because we allow our merchants to upload their own designs, this eases competition massively. Sure you could go and sell our catalogue items at £10-11 and make albeit consistent but small profit, you could also upload your own design and sell it at £15+ and make upwards of 87.5% profit, we have merchants selling their own designs right now at £25+! 

Inventory – Usually you won’t be notified when your dropshipper runs out of an item, which can be a serious headache for merchants due to overselling. Because we print all our own stock we will never run out. This means that you can sell freely and not have to worry about any supply issues.

Account managers - Many other dropshipping sites expect you to just jump right into online selling with no help at all, some others force you to go through their channels (and even sometimes take a huge commission hit!). Things at PrintPit are a little different. With your account manager at hand you will have all the help you need, but you'll be able to sell anywhere you please. Our recruitment process for our account manager positions is very extensive and 9 times out of 10 your AM will have found themselves with the same problems you have, and will know exactly how to overcome them. 

The Learning Centre - We understand that if your business doesn't grow, neither will ours. We're as reliant on you making sales as you are, so that feeling of investment will always keep us motivated to add new learning centre content all the time. We already run right from step by step instructions on setting up your store, to finding winning designs, to making the sales and then to a great aftercare process. That combined with your account manager should mean you can run your store like an expert right from day one.