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PrintPit Account Managers

When you trade with us, you will be assigned an account manager. It is their job to ensure you have all you need to succeed in your online venture so don't be too shy to reach out if you get stuck. 
If at any point you feel that a different account manager would be more suited to you, feel free to contact support and let them know. For more information on our account managers, see their profiles below.

Top level account managers:


Dan's pedigree is online marketing. Having already created his first online store back in 2007 at the age of just 14, he's had plenty of experience with all aspects of eCommerce. He started his career in online marketing with his first job as a junior marketing consultant in 2010 and by the end of 2012 was responsible for a global multi-million pound clothing store's entire online strategy, having worked his way up to senior online marketing executive all before he was 20. Mid-2013 saw the end of Dan's employed career as he decided to go back into self employment and set up an online novelty T-shirt store. A near instant success saw one of Dan's main competitors come forward and offer £20,000 to buy his website all within 3 months of opening, he accepted and transferred ownership and then moved into wholesaling. It was here that he noticed people would often want to start a business but rarely had the capital, thus starting the countdown to what would become PrintPit, the UKs favourite, cheapest and most reliable custom product dropshipper. 

With Dan as your account manager, no matter what you're struggling with, it's very likely that he's been there, done that and sold the T-shirt. 


Ells also has a strong background of eCommerce. He too had started his first online store in childhood and has since had massive success with every store he's turned his hand to. By the age of 18, he'd already created his own product and sold it to thousands of customers worldwide, netting over £1million in turnover with a cost of next to nothing. With degrees in design, advertising media and business to back him up, it can't be denied that Ells is qualified to assist in all aspects of running your online store. In 2014, he was running several business, one of which was his own online clothing store, and buying a large portion of his stock from Dan, when the idea of a custom product dropshipping service came up in conversation, Ells sold off his clothing store, put permanent staff in charge of his other ventures and set to work on creating PrintPit full time. 

With a diverse background of eCommerce, academic degrees and figures to back it all up, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone more qualified than Ells to assist you with your online store. 


With a strong background in design, Bryony ran one of the most popular stores we had for over a year. Towards the end of 2016, she agreed a sale of her website and we immediately approached her for recruitment. 

Bryony has a natural talent for online sales, and has quickly progressed to top-level account manager status. Not only does she understand the trials of running your online store, she also has first hand experience of what it's like to progress with PrintPit. 

In many ways, Bryony is the most experienced account manager we have to hand, and we are more than happy to have her amongst our ranks.

Regular account managers:

PrintPit often recruits new account managers to cope with our ever growing demand and user-base. All new account managers have to pass our intensive recruitment policy. We don't have minimum academic requirements for our account manager positions, nor do we allow applicants to submit references or CVs. Instead, we invite them to create a store using our dropshipping service and after 3 months we evaluate their suitability based on a tailored recruitment formula covering everything from the design of their store, to the profit they made. If we're satisfied, we let them shadow another account manager until they are competent enough in customer service to man our support team. It is from there that we promote people to account manager status when the demand arises. 

Regular account managers include:

Shaun, Erin, Mohammad, Sara, Peter & Adam.


PrintPit Support
PrintPit Support


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