Mon, Aug 31 2015

Virality Noun “the tendency of an image, video, or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another”

With the help of social media, viral designs could be the difference between you making 20 sales per week, and you making 500 sales per week. Now don’t get me wrong, this takes a little bit of ‘outside the box’ thinking, but the end result could be phenomenal. Research is key to making your products sell. Pretty much any news or event that enough people are talking about can generate viral designs, say for instance a football manager gets sacked, but all of the fans of that particular team love him as their manager, this could make you a lot of money. Just think, you do a bit of research and find out what the teams motto is i.e. Leeds united’s is ‘Marching On Together’ or Birmingham city’s is ‘Keep Right On.’ Incorporate these into a design that supports the majority of fan’s views on the matter and you have an easy potentially viral design.

Don’t underestimate the power of virality, back when the popular app “Flappy Bird” was taken off the app store, I was running an online T-shirt shop. I quickly knocked up a T-Shirt that said “R.I.P Flappy Bird” with a little gravestone and a sad 8 bit bird and using the promotion methods from the How to sell Viral Designs part of the learning centre, it went crazy.

I woke up the next morning to around 120 sales overnight, just on one design alone, I had to remove the listing and take the next two days off work to get everything ready and sent out, these days using PrintPit you could have had that done in a couple of hours after work, but I was making around £3 per T-Shirt and I didn’t mind missing two days at work for over £350 (if PrintPit had been around then, I would’ve made £840 profit). The point is, on one design alone just by keeping up with current ideas and trends I was able to make a solid amount of money with very little work, you can easily do the same. As of writing this guide the trends this week include;

  • Tories back in power
  • Dragon Ball Z returning to TV
  • 28 months later announced
  • One of the lead voices of The Simpsons quit
  • Zayn Malik left one direction
  • Football rumours started
  • Big Brother is back

Every single one of those trends has the potential to create a super seller for you and i found them all within 5 minutes using the techniques outlined below.


A few places to find your inspiration;

  • Facebook is always one of the biggest websites to find the things that are going viral at that moment in time. Not only do you have the trending widget on the right hand side of the news feed page, but you can literally just scroll down your own news feed and look for common but currently relevant talking points amongst your friends, or even try finding examples in larger Facebook groups. The point is if enough people are talking about it, and with the right design, your products have the potential to go viral.
  • Twitter is also a good option, you can check what’s trending around the world. Twitter is especially good because if you click on a hashtag and go to the view all button on the photos section, you’ll often stumble across great design ideas. It’s important not to just rip them off, but you can use them for inspiration.
  • Sports websites such as Sky Sports News, BBC Sport and ITV Sport are always good for getting ideas, such as the FIFA corruption and Sepp Blatter’s resignation, you could easily design something and put it on a T-Shirt.

I’ve always found that if you just remember to find topics people are at least a little passionate about, you’re onto a winner. Think singers, actors, sports teams, TV shows, movies, politics, religion, memes, events, parodies and literally anything else that enough people care about.

For help with designing your T-shirts, see the BP: Designs section.