Mon, Aug 31 2015

Occasionally a customer will want to return an item. I'd attempt to list all the reasons for this, but selling online i come across new ones all the time, i've had everything from someone simply changing their mind right up to someone divorcing the man the purchase was made for. You can't avoid this, and it will happen to all of you at some point, but it will help to know exactly what you can do in this situation.

First, find the issue your customer has. This should just be to see if there's a way this issue can be resolved quickly, not to decide whether you're going to accept the return. You are well within your rights to dictate your own return policy within the law, but as with every other aspect of running your business, how you handle returns will alter the view people have of your store. As my first employer used to say "1% of the people make 99% of the noise".



We recommend the following as a return policy: 

We follow a strict 14 day no quibble returns policy. This means that within 14 days of receipt we will accept your item back without fuss, we suggest you return the item to the below address along with your name, postcode and order number (if possible) and your preferred instruction (e.g exchange for a size small, issue refund etc.). If you return your item without this information, it may take us longer to process your return so please make sure it is included. 

We extend this 14 day period for purchases made in the month of December, such purchases can be returned before the 14th January the following year. This is to allow peace of mind when buying gifts for the holiday period. 

If you are outside of this 14 day period and your purchase was not made in December please contact us as in certain circumstances we may still accept the return. 

Please note: We will only accept returned items in the same condition as they were sent, this means unworn, undamaged (unless the item arrived damaged) and with the labels still intact. Refunds can only be issued to the original method of payment. 

(your address & contact information)



This will help reassure your customers you are a trustworthy company, and if you find yourself with a return, here's what you can do: 

  1. If your customer wants a refund, we're prepared to refund your original payment if there has been an error in dispatch (e.g wrong size/design sent) or an error in manufacture (e.g poor print/shirt quality).
  2. If your customer wants to exchange their item, we will only do so for free if there has been an error in dispatch or manufacture. 
  3. If your customer wants a refund but it does not qualify for a refund from us you should still accept the return. See the returned stock management section below for interesting things you can do in this situation. 
  4. If your customer wants an exchange but it does not qualify for a free exchange you should still accept the return, however in this situation you would need to reorder the item. See the returned stock management section below. 


Returned stock management

When stock is returned to you but it does not qualify for a refund from us or a free exchange, there's a few things you can do. 

  1. If the item is unworn and undamaged, you can resell it as normal. The next time a customer orders that item from you, simply pop it in the post to them instead of ordering it from us. 
  2. If the item is worn, you can resell it as second-hand on auction sites like eBay or classified sites like local 'things for sale' groups on Facebook.
  3. If the item is damaged, you can resell it as damaged (with the methods above) or enjoy a bit of good karma by taking it to your local clothing bank.