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February 29, 2016


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Step-By-Step: The basics of PrintPit

This guide is a step-by-step introduction on how to use PrintPit. It should take you right from uploading your first designs to completing your first order. 

  So, Let's start on the PrintPit homepage. You'll notice there's 3 boxes under the main banner. One says 'Create your own', this link will allow you to create your own products, the next says 'Our bestsellers', this link will show you our catalogue of pre-made products with a proven track history of sales, the last is our learning centre, which is a great place to find useful information.  
  We're going to show you how to upload your designs onto our blank products and get them ready for sale. To get started, click the first button titled 'Create your own' 
  From here you'll see our 4 current best selling items. To see everything else just use the tabs above the products to find what you need, for example if you're looking for women's black T-shirts, click the 'Women's T-shirts tab and you'll see the products change. Please note that on some browsers this step will warn you that PrintPit is trying to re-direct you, please allow it as this is part of loading our blank products. 
  When you've clicked the product you need, you'll be taken to a page similar to this one. This is our blank product, so to get started adding your design, click the purple 'Customise it' button. 
  The product will then load up into our product designer. Using the buttons at the left you can add images and text to our products, you can also use this area to rotate, stack, delete and edit layers, as well as preview your new product. Click the 'Add image' button to start uploading your design. 
  The first thing you'll see are our cliparts, we've put these here to help out with designs. We try to keep this updated when we can so yours could look a little different to mine. When you're ready to upload your image, click the 'Upload your photo or art' button at the top. 
  You'll then find yourself on this page, click the 'UPLOAD A NEW IMAGE' button, select your design and hit upload/open. After it's done uploading you'll see your design here like the image. Simply click it to add it to the product. 
  You've now placed the design on the product, you can continue to add more layers of images and text or if there's just the one, move on to the next step. 
  You can drag your design to move it around inside the boundary box, or use the two red arrows to make your design bigger and smaller. Our designer automatically calculates the end quality of your uploads, so you may get a message warning you of bad print quality. Sometimes you know better than the machine though, so providing your designs are 200DPI or above you can more or less ignore these warnings. 
  Once you've placed and scaled your design how you want it, hit the 'Continue purchase' button in the top right, then click yes to create your product. 
  This screen will show you the progress of your design as it is automatically generated by our designer and stored into our servers, please note however that we can't access your designs until you've ordered it at least once. 
  Once your product is done saving you'll be taken to this screen, we recommend bookmarking this page so that you can come back to the product you've created as it makes the order process a lot quicker. Once you're ready to order it, just choose the right size and hit 'Add to cart' 
  You'll be taken to your cart to confirm we've got it right, if your customer has ordered more than one item it's worth adding it on before hitting checkout, otherwise just hit checkout now. 
  If you're using an account, hit the log in button. If not, just put your email address in and move on to the next step. 
  Here you'll want to input your customers details, as this tells us where to send the item. Once you're done, hit continue to shipping method. 
  All UK orders have free shipping, so just make sure the right option is selected and click continue to payment method. If your item is going overseas, you'll see the relevant shipping option instead. 
  Next you'll see the payment info, you can either pay by card or by paypal. Make sure you tick the 'use a different billing address' button so you can put your details in instead.
  Once you've filled in the billing info, you can just click complete order. 
  You'll then be taken to a page which will confirm your order has been accepted. Use this opportunity to double check the shipping and billing address, if you spot an error hit the contact us button or to put in more orders click the Continue shopping button instead. 
January 06, 2016


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T-Shirt Design: The Basics

This section has been included in our ever expanding Learning Centre, due to popular demand. Many users of our website ask us for design tips, the best file formats for designs uploaded and other graphical related questions every day. Whether you are a beginner or a graphical genius, this section should assist you.

What software should I use?

Use a software you are comfortable with! Don't throw yourself in at the deepend with software you have no idea how to use. Most image editing programs are made to be straightforward with a plethora of features for the more advanced users at the click of a button. The main pieces of software we use at PrintPit are, Gimp, CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop. Don't worry if your program of choice is not listed here - it's not the end of the world, you probably already know what you're doing!

GIMP is an open source, free, image editing program available for Windows and Mac OS. It is ideal for beginners and is simplistic to use. It can be downloaded here.

CorelDraw can range in price dependant on the version of the software, but is the usually much cheaper paid piece of recommended software to edit all your images. It can be downloaded here.

Adobe Photoshop is the media industries standard software of choice. With it being created for use in the industry, and for individuals too, it has a larger price tag. Buying the software outright can be very expensive (some cases over £1,000), however Adobe's Creative Cloud packs allow access for a very cheap price. A 30 day trial can be downloaded from here, and if you so wish a small monthly subscription can be purchased for access to the software and lifetime upgrades.

Please be aware however, that all these programs achieve a similar outcome - it is down to personal preference which one you use!


What are the optimal settings for my T-Shirt / Mug Design?

We recommend making an image in the best quality as possible. As standard we recommend making a document at 300PPI (PPI means Pixels Per Inch), or in more regular terms 4200 by 4800 pixels. This is due to our standard print area for garments being 14x16inches. Images that are slightly more square, such as 4200px x 4200px, will be fine for printing onto mugs, but as with garments the higher quality, the better the result.

Don't worry if your designs are not this large, less intricate designs print perfectly fine at 100PPI (1400 by 1600 pixels). Like any photos you would print on a regular inkjet printer, the better the source file, the better quality of the print. If you upload low quality images to our designer, please be aware that the item will still be created with your design and may not be at optimum quality.

Most programs the image size can be set upon creation of your blank image. You can do this in Photoshop as below.

Other image editing programs will have similar options, just simply create an image 4200x4800 pixels.

Tips and Tricks

Following a few tips will ensure you create the best quality images for use in our custom product designer here at PrintPit.

  • Avoid creating images with white backgrounds - simply use transparent ones instead. This ensures that if you create a design and wish to make it on both white and black garments, it requires minimal or no editing. This also means when we create your item, it does not have any large blocks of colour which may make your item look less professional.
  • Save out your images with the transparency! Our favourite format for great quality, and not huge file sizes is PNG. Almost every image editing program allows you to save out in PNG files.
  • Don't use black on a black garment, or red on a red garment - it will look awful! (White on a white garment technically is ignored by the printer, and will simply print nothing where the white ink should go.
  • Don't use small images, the bigger, the better! (You don't have to go too overboard however, as there is only a maximum quality we can process/you'll have the time to upload).
  • Don't be afraid to ask or search - Google and YouTube have hours and hours of tutorials and assistance that can help simply resolve thousands of issues or problems that you may run into.
  • Just remember that we're not all excellent graphic designers - if you're starting your first couple of designs don't be afraid to tweak things here and there until you are happy with the final project.
  • Finally, let your creativity run free! You don't always have to follow the crowd, if you want to make a T-Shirt with a photo of a cow on, while everyone around you is creating images of sheep, don't be afraid to be different!

December 15, 2015


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Promotional Materials with Marketplaces

We trialled this initiative with some of our merchants, and I must say it worked a treat. It's a very simple take on a very old concept:

Customer receives item > Leaflet enclosed > Promotional discount > Repeat business

However, in our case, the goal isn't just repeat business, it's customer loyalty. We're using these leaflets to get people to visit our webstores from other marketplaces. So, if you get an order on a marketplace (eBay, amazon etc.) you'd instead do the following: 

Customer receives item > Leaflet enclosed > Webstore only discount > Real customers know where you are

How does it work? 

Whilst we can't provide the promotional materials yet, we are more than happy to include them in with your items at no extra charge. If this sounds like something you want to participate in please contact your account manager who will advise you to complete the following steps: 

  1. Let your account manager check your artwork for suitability
  2. Have your promotional materials made 
  3. Either have them shipped to us direct, or ship them to us yourself
  4. We'll let you know when they get here and give you an identifier (usually your store name)
  5. Add a note with your orders that says identifier:material type (for example, PrintPit:Leaflet)


Please do not attempt to use this service without first contacting your account manager, we can not accept any materials without first being approved by your account manager and any such items will be returned to sender. 

December 15, 2015


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Shipping Costs & Times

Parcels delivered within the UK are free and they always will be free. We negotiate with Royal Mail on all of our customer's behalf to get the absolute cheapest price possible for UK shipping and then cover that cost ourself. We have no intention of ever adding a shipping charge to UK deliveries so you can trade freely in the knowledge that this will never be a factor. 

Overseas postage as i'm sure you appreciate is quite a bit more expensive, however as with UK deliveries we are in constant negotiations for the absolute best price on top international services. This means we are currently able to charge just £3 extra for delivery anywhere in the world. This could be subject to change depending on contracts we have however we've never had to change the price before and you will be notified by your account manager in that event. 


Shipping Times

These shipping times are our current average, many times items arrive before they should, however in a couple of cases they can be a little late (customs hold ups, xmas post etc.)

As of November 2016, we have changed this section below. Unfortunately due to our service agreements with Royal Mail, we have to wait longer to declare items as missing both within the UK and Internationally. UK deliveries we now have to wait 10 days from despatch, and International deliveries we have to wait 20 days for Europe, and 28 days for Rest of World. These times can be reduced by purchasing signed for or tracked delivery.

 Destination Average delivery time If dispatched on Typically delivered by Report to us if not arrived by
United Kingdom 1-3 days Monday 1st Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th Thursday 11th
Europe 3-5 days Monday 1st Thursday 4th - Monday 8th Monday 22nd (21st non working day)
Anywhere else 5-10 days Monday 1st Saturday 6th - Friday 12th Monday 29th


Please note, we use First Class services within the UK, and many items can arrive extremely quickly (often 1-2 working days) however we have to advise that items can take their working day periods as stated in the average delivery time above.

If you have any concerns about delivery times that aren't answered here, or to report an item as missing, please contact your account manager where possible otherwise please contact [email protected] or follow the instructions on this page to Contact Us. If there are problems with the delivery of an order that you've placed with us, as of our website Terms and Conditions (available at checkout) that we have to receive confirmation of the potential issue from one of the third party services we use for delivery before proceeding to assist with your order, to ensure that neither us, our third party delivery services, and most importantly you as merchants aren't left out of pocket having to resolve problems.

September 09, 2015


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Copyrighting and Trademarks

Copyright issues are one of the biggest threats to online stores. Read the guide below to find out how to protect yourself from this.  

Copyrights and Trademarks

When someone creates original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, (including illustration and photography) they automatically inherit the rights to that work under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. This was designed to stop people from taking your work and using it as their own. 

A Trademark however, covers other types of intellectual property, such as titles, names, short phrases, and slogans; familiar symbols or designs; or mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering, or colouring. These things are not protected by Copyright. If you think your work needs a trademark, you can apply for one here


Avoiding issues

When creating designs, you are allowed to centre around a theme. What this means is that contrary to popular belief you are allowed to create designs based on things like tv shows and films. What you're not allowed to do is rip off their work. We recommend achieving this by using your own artwork and checking the government database (link at the bottom) for specific trademarks. Parodies and fan art is usually acceptable however there is no solid line between what is ok and what isn't, you just have to take issues as they come.

An example of a design centred around a theme but not in breach of copyright.

This is both fan art and a parody, the designer used all their own original artwork and typography.


We also strongly suggest that you have a specific ‘contact us’ page (called a 'DMCA' page) where you can receive complaints from anyone that owns the rights to take down the content, whether it may be a Copyright, Trademark or otherwise. We have a page of our own here that you can use as an example here. DMCA (or digital millennium copyright act) complaints are by far the best way of resolving copyright issues. Companies will almost always check for a DMCA page before filing an official complaint. This give them a chance to let you know you've breached copyright before they have to chase it up. When a DMCA complaint is made you can simply remove the infringing content and carry on. 


Quick Tips

September 07, 2015


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Size Charts

Some pre-made size charts for you to use on your store, courtesy of PrintPit. 


Mens T-shirts

Please note, a larger version is available here.


Womens T-shirts

Please note, a larger version is available here.

Kids / Children's T-Shirts

Anvil Kids / Children's T-Shirt

Please note, a larger version is available here.


B&C Kids / Children's T-Shirt

Please note, a larger version is available here.


Please note, a larger version is available here.


September 07, 2015


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Getting to know PrintPit

We want you to have an easy time using PrintPit, this part of the learning centre will guide you through the most important parts, including making your own products and getting in touch with us if you have an issue. 


Making your own products

Our designer recently went through an entire overhaul to make it much easier to use. If you haven't yet used the new version there's been some big changes since v1, these will all be outlined below. 

To find the designer from the homepage just look under the banner for the 'create your own product' box. 

Once you've clicked that box you will see a list of all our customisable products. Simply click the one you want to customise and then on the product page click the 'customise it' button. This will take you to our designer where you can add images and text to your products. You can also now choose from our large range of pre-made images if you want to add a little something to your designs. We recommend removing the background from your images unless you want them to be printed too as your item will look exactly as it looks on the preview. We recommend the Background burner from Bonanza for this. Once you're happy with your design, press the continue purchase button and then click yes in the box that asks you if you want to save. This sends the design over to us and stores it on our servers. The next page should show you your product and have an add to cart button, you can bookmark this page if you think you'll need to order this design again to save you going back through the design process. 

Finding ready made products to sell

 The best tool any online store can have is the ability to see what else is selling. We take the strain out of that by supplying our merchants with a back catalogue of tried and tested designs. The only way an item can make it into our catalogue is if over 50 of them have already been sold. To find the catalogue either click the Catalogue link at the top of each page, or look for the 'our bestsellers catalogue' box under the header on the homepage. 

The catalogue is populated in two ways, the first way is via our own research channels. Put simply, if we think we see a trend coming we ask some of our merchants if they would like to test a design, for those that agree we assign a member of the in-house design team to create a winning product to tap into that niche. We set a minimum RRP of £15 on these products to ensure that if you were to sell them you could make a nice profit, anyone who tries to sell a testing design cheaper before it is released onto our catalogue is banned from all future tests. We then monitor the incoming orders for that design, if more than 50 are sold, it is added to our catalogue. If less than 50 are sold we simply move on to the next one. 

The second way is via your designs. We monitor every incoming design, and if one hits 50 sales but wasn't designed by us we add it to our catalogue and let the original designer know. We offer a commission incentive to the designer which is often an easy way to big money. Some of our merchants are multi-million pound businesses, putting your great design in the hands of their expert sales techniques means that your commission will sky rocket and is usually will earn you a lot more money than if you chose to hold the design back. We understand that sometimes you don't want to make your work public, if this is the case simply let your account manager know and they will make sure it gets removed asap. 


Contacting us

Contacting us is easy, if you have an account manager they will have emailed you within 24 hours of your first sale. If you don't, there is a contact us link at the bottom of each page in the footer. 

The contact us page send emails straight through to our support team. 

You can alternative contact us within business hours either by phone (+44)1302 820014 or by using the live chat button in the bottom right of the page. 


If you feel like there should be something else added to this page, feel free to let us know in the comments below

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