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Shipping Costs & Times

Parcels delivered within the UK are free and they always will be free. We negotiate with Royal Mail on all of our customer's behalf to get the absolute cheapest price possible for UK shipping and then cover that cost ourself. We have no intention of ever adding a shipping charge to UK deliveries so you can trade freely in the knowledge that this will never be a factor. 

Overseas postage as i'm sure you appreciate is quite a bit more expensive, however as with UK deliveries we are in constant negotiations for the absolute best price on top international services. This means we are currently able to charge just £3 extra for delivery anywhere in the world. This could be subject to change depending on contracts we have however we've never had to change the price before and you will be notified by your account manager in that event. 


Shipping Times

These shipping times are our current average, many times items arrive before they should, however in a couple of cases they can be a little late (customs hold ups, xmas post etc.)

We recommend that you advise your customer the following delivery times and report it to us as missing if it is at least 3 days late based on the dispatch date. Please note that Sundays are not classed as a working day, so please skip these when working out dates. 

 Destination Average delivery time If dispatched on Typically delivered by Report to us if not arrived by
United Kingdom 1-2 days Monday 1st Tuesday 2nd - Wednesday 3rd Saturday 6th
Europe 3-5 days Monday 1st Thursday 4th - Saturday 6th Wednesday 10th
Anywhere else 5-7 days Monday 1st Saturday 6th - Tuesday 9th Friday 12th


If you have any concerns about delivery times that aren't answered here, or to report an item as missing, please contact your account manager where possible otherwise please contact [email protected] or follow the instructions on this page to Contact Us.

PrintPit Team
PrintPit Team


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